Sahray D'Hondt

event planner, wedding planner

Sahray D'Hondt
High Point, NC

Hello! My name is Sahray D'Hondt, I am a up and coming event planner! I can plan anything from the smallest birthday to corporate events/meetings! I pride myself on putting all my time into making sure that my clients dream image of their event is exactly what they will see when they walk through those doors on the day of their event. I will do everything I can to work with your budget while still making the event everything you ever dreamed! I always add a personal touch to make sure that the event goes smoothly and in a costly and time efficient manor.

I am a certified event and wedding planner. I am currently located in High Point, NC, 27260, but am willing to travel within 45 minutes of my area ( most of my work is done via computer, thus sharing information to keep you updated and to verify choices, USUALLY will not have to be done in person unless requested). My cities listed are not the only cities I will travel to, it is just a brief list. I am willing to travel further based on the event/client. I fit myself into your schedule, not vise versa. Your satisfaction with the final project is my goal! I make it my 100% goal and guarantee to make it ensure you update fully each step of the way, budget and progress wise!


I do everything from just helping you set up the event, finding the perfect cater that serves what you are really truly looking for, in the fashion you are looking to have it served , to being there helping you pick out decorations (or me picking them and you clarifying that is what you want), all the way to being at the event making sure everything is going smoothly. I can be as involved or out of the picture as you wish. I am willing to work next to you, with you, or simply get it all done in your time frame and budget on my own without you having to raise a finger or pick out table decor! I do everything ranging from a personal get together, birthday parties, graduation parties, retirement parties, house warming parties, company retreats, small corporate events all the way to large corporate events, elaborate balls. Simply put, I can put together any type of event, no matter how small to how big, casual to formal, if you can dream it, I can bring it to life!

I do not charge for consultations. I am willing to meet with you and discuss what you are EXACTLY looking for and what budget and timeline you are wanting the event planned in. I will also during this time go over my personal rates with you.

I can be contacted via
phone call or text: (336)-478-7239 , if for any reason I do not answer PLEASE leave me a message and I promise I will get back to you within 24 hours of your call!