Ann Capatch

professional organizer

Ann Capatch
Sedona, AZ

Your House NOW, today, be powerful.

Would you love more energy and more efficient supportive surroundings? Then I'm the one to help you attain the rooms of your dreams. I love simplicity and helping others free themselves from past attachments so they can grow. This can be done through releasing clutter and organizing your space. You will see the benefits immediately,as if a huge weight has been lifted! You will want to keep going on this wonderful path of release.

My love of organizing started as a teen when my mom dropped and organizing book in my lap. After the first chapter I was hooked. I have a BA in Geography and am now certified as a Professional OrganizerI with QC Design School.
For the past 20 years I have studied Spirituality and have been a meditation teacher, Reiki Healing Practitioner and Teacher and Home Energy Healer ( space clearing). With my experience and training I can lead you through excellent clutter releasing meditations and ideal space visualizations before we begin creating the room of your dreams.
So please send me an email or give me a call and we'll get right to work.


Professional Organizing: transforming a space that supports your needs right now.
Space Clearing: Clearing out old stagnant energy and transforming it to something fresh
Psychic Readings: in person or long distance - any questions will produce guided answers
Reiki Healing: in person or long distance - any issue
Crystals - I carry a large variety of crystals that are Sedona vortex charged
Crystal Healing - Crystals combined with Reiki for healing
Crystal Gridding- a crystal layout around your home for maximizing your intentions by drawing that specific energy in. ie. Fluorite for organization and creating order.