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Mikaela Heaton

event planner

Mikaela Heaton

Nr Preston

**Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming we loose the excitement of possibilities......Dreaming, after all is a form of planning!**

Hi there, I am a event and wedding planner. My passionate is to turn your dream event into a reality. There is nothing I love more than to sit and listen your ideas. I have also have a very creative mind and I admit my imagination just runs wild when people talk to me about events, I can make your dreams as simple and sophisticated as you wish or as bright and loud as you like. I have 2 children of my own and that’s where my passion started, we just love birthday parties in our house. My services to you will be as you want.

Through special events you can show family members, colleagues, friends and so forth just how much you appreciate and feel about them. All this whilst trying to juggle life can be over whelming so let me take the pleasure of designing and creating the event you’ll never forget.

I started to get into event planning when I organised a fundraiser for my daughter’s football team. I loved chasing up all the ideas and putting my visions into reality, although it was for a small amount of people it was every bit the event I wanted it to be. The moment I realised I wanted to do this for a career was when I started to plan my own wedding, I thrive on the stress and value every second into making it into the dream I wanted. I put everything I have into making every event special and love the challenge that every one brings.


My services to you can be tailor made, I love to plan for baby showers, fundraisers, weddings, special birthdays ANYTHING!! Please feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat about what it is your after