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Geena Popal

makeup artist

Geena Popal

Alamo, CA

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep a bower quiet for us

my life has always been surrounded by makup, either if it was seeing my mother putting makeup on her self or my aunts or any other woman, i would always envy the mascara swipping in to the lashes and blushes in to the cheeks and the rollers in to their hair. my dream has always been to be the best makeup artist, whether i have 1 client or more countless i would treat everyone the same, making them feel like their on top of the world wether with alot of makeup or a naturel look. My mission is to embrace your beauty and make it as special as that perfect dress. so when you look back in your album you would be glad you picked me as your artist. You will love the way you look I guarantee it.

after high school and some years of college i decided to purse my dream and go get my licnese in comsomotlogy where i would be specializing in hair design and makeup. Getting married and starting a family at the moment seemed to take all my attention away from my career. dispite having a big family i never lost track of my goals in life, i did photo shoots and speical osscaions such as weddings, proms and etc for my cleints where i traveled to the location or invited them in to my home.


Specailizing in master makeup artisrty for vairty of looks that help bring out the best part of my clients features. There happiness is my torphy at the end of every work day.