Calandra Romano

event planner, wedding planner

Calandra Romano
Grand Terrace, CA

"Let me make your event divine"

My name is Cali Romano and I am a certified IEWP through the QC event planning school. My business is for any type of event including; corporate, private parties, retirement parties, etc. and wedding planning of every culture. I want to take all of your thoughts and plans for your event and execute them in such a way that will blow your mind and satisfy every want and need that you may have.


I personally meet with the party holder or bride/ groom to set up the event details, ideas, dates of the event, times, attendees, and their budget for the type of event we are setting up. Once they give me their thoughts and ideas on how they want to event to be set up and progress, I can give them my thoughts and ideas, as a professional, on how it would run smoothly and look how they want it to.
-Plan all types of Events and Weddings
-Contact different venues for the event
-Find Catering services
-Create Invitations and deliver them
-Set up all decor
-Remove all decorations after event