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Lakisha Bellamy

professional organizer

Lakisha Bellamy

Atlanta, GA

iStyle.Modesty | LifeStyle Agency |

At iStyle.Modesty, our style philosophy is not just about covering up, it's a way of life. We show you how to do more with less to revive your creative expression with our iStyle.Method: SIMPLICITY + MODERATION = MODESTY

Applying our principles of simplicity and moderation will harmonize your visual aesthetic in your wardrobe and living space. Our services make it easy for busy moms and professional women to enjoy a life less complicated at home and on the go. We invite you to learn how to LIVE MODEST and BE STYLISH.

To live life with style has been a primary motivation of iS.M founding stylist, Bellamy. She has over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. Her career started in New York City as an assistant buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue and transitioned to Tommy Hilfiger as a sales rep. Her true talent for fashion styling and events blossomed when she became an artist agent for the music and entertainment industry's top freelance artists for hair, makeup, wardrobe and photography. She has coordinated the glam teams for celebrities, models and music artists for their fashion shows, book signing parties, test shoots, award shows, tours, music videos and public appearances. Bellamy now resides in Atlanta with her fabulous husband and beautiful children, making motherhood look stylish.



Our initial phone consultation is complimentary! First, we will email you a new client questionnaire for you to complete prior to our phone conversation. Then we will chat by phone to learn more about you and your organization goals. We will share our philosophy and processes to determine how well we connect to collaborate with you on your project. When you are ready to move forward, then we can meet in-person for an on-site consultation.

We come to you for an In-Home or On-Site visit to discuss your problem area in depth to develop a custom plan and estimate of time to achieve your organization goals. This may last up to two hours depending on the space and the fee will be applied to your first organizing session. Once the In-Home Consultation is complete and the proposal is accepted, we will move forward with scheduling an organizing session, which is generally 4-6 hours for small projects. Longer sessions and customized packages are available for larger projects.
2 hours | $75

Your home should be streamlined with purpose and a reflection of your personal style as well as your family's lifestyle. We organize and create sustainable systems in every room of your home, transforming it into a functional and stylish sanctuary.
6 hours | $300 | Project Time Varies

Your office should be functional yet stylish for you to perform at your highest level of productivity. We create organized systems to keep you and your team on task.
4 hours | $200 | Project Time Varies

Showrooms, boutiques and exhibits should be organized with style and visually merchandised to entice clients to patronize your business.
8 hours | $400 | Project Time Varies

Prefer to do it yourself but not sure where to start? The DIY Package is where we create the organizing strategy to live a life less complicated! Bellamy will coach you through how to solve your organization issues in any room of your home or office and suggest the best products to use. You’ll receive up to 2 hours of one-on-one time devoted to in depth discussion about your problem areas, where the systems need to be set up and how to go about doing it all with style! Within 48 hours or less she will email you a Recommendation Report to guide you in completing the project(s) discussed during the consultation.
2 Hours | $175

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“Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value Bellamy worked with me in the depths of my closet to clear years of collected clothing that I was no longer wearing, or was not flattering, yet was still somehow attached to. It was an eight hour process. Four huge bags of clothing were removed. She was a pleasure to work with and was strong and skilled in assisting me to release what was no longer useful and pass it on to others. She was also helpful in putting things together in new and expressive ways. I can actually find my best clothes now and create lovely outfits. She is a Godsend!”

Louise Northcutt, MS, M.Ed

“I was pleasantly surprised and completely satisfied with the way Bellamy organized and redirected my daughters closet. Bellamy was able to make what was originally nothing but a cluttered mix of clothing for different occasions and different ages into an wardrobe of clearly defined, age specific, neatness. She even organized my daughters books, sorting out those that were below my five-year-olds reading level from those that were at her level and beyond. Bellamy has truly inspired me to maintain and upkeep my daughters wardrobe but to Bellamy’s credit, it’s not nearly as professionally manicured as the day Bellamy organized my little one’s closet.”

Kimya Sulayman, Nursing Student

“They were so great!!! Very professional yet very creative. They went totally above and beyond, coming up with so many new ideas of what to do with what I had, fun new looks, answering questions and consulting, and had some terrific advice for how to reorganize my closet. So helpful to have advice about your actual space not just one size fits all stuff in magazines. Incredibly nice ladies too. It was so fun and such a valuable service. Well worth it, and I will definitely plan to call them again in spring or next shopping trip! I’d definitely be a repeat customer.”

Laura Winn, VP, Client Solutions at CMI