Brenda Liu

makeup artist

Brenda Liu
Piscataway, NJ

Lover of all beautiful things

As I was planning my own wedding a year ago, I was in fear of not looking good on my big day because I couldn't find a good make-up artist in my area. Your wedding will be one of the most-photographed days of your life. Your wedding ceremony and reception should fulfill your dreams, your desires, and your style. I certainly felt the importance of looking great on the big day. I have made my dream come true. Making people beautiful is my commitment to any Brides-to-Be.

I am passionate about beauty making, cooking, crafting, fine dining, traveling, performing and better yet, SHOPPING (maybe it's a Jersey thing, ha~). I actually studied Computer Science in school (that's like a standard career direction to most Asian people, besides being doctors, lawyers and accountants). Isn't that boring? Indeed, it is~ Life should be filled with fun and adventures (well, you do need A JOB to pay the bills). So, here I am in the colorful makeup industry.


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