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Janet Kerr

home stager

Janet Kerr

Frankford, ON

Let's Stage your Home!

After retiring from project management, I wanted to explore creative avenues that had always fascinated me since childhood. I remember, at a very early age drawing floor plans for make believe homes and even envisioning colours that I would use.

People have always told me that I had "natural good taste", but I lacked confidence and wanted to learn more about this creative side.

Taking the QC Design Home Staging course, I not only learnt more but expanded on those natural abilities and gained much more confidence.

I would love to share with you what I have learnt and together we can stage your home to sell faster and at a better price!


Home Staging Consultation

Together we will evaluate your home's interior and exterior appeal.
At the end of our consultation you will receive a comprehensive written report including recommendations for improving areas of concern as well as suggestions on how to highlight or develop each room's best features.
A flat rate will be charged for a two hour consultation.