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Robert (Bob) Lobban

home stager

Robert (Bob) Lobban

Ottawa, ON

"Helping you move forward in life"

OnlySeniors.ca is a Home Transition Service organization dedicated to the 50+ generation. Our primary focus is to assist in the process of preparing their current home for either selling, improving it, decluttering or simply reorganization. We will advise (consult) on the best ways to increase the value of their home.

Robert (Bob) Lobban is an entrepreneur. After 20+ years in the Information Technology industry as a Regional Sales Manager, Bob has chosen to pursue a passion ... 'home improvement'. As a result, 5 years ago he started Added Value Renovations (www.addedvalue.ca) as a business designed to keep him busy in retirement. A 'hobby' quickly transformed itself into a full fledged commitment and is now a registered, fully insured Corporation.

Two years ago, with his mother looking to downsize the family home, he discovered (what many have) that she needed help getting that done. That successful experience produced the concept of OnlySeniors.ca, a business dedicated to help others prepare for the future like he did for his mother.

To improve his knowledge and expertise, Bob enrolled with QC Career School to earn his certification as an International Staging and Redesign Professional (ISRP®).


OnlySeniors.ca provides individualized services to help our clients:
Consult on ways to improve their home' value
Staging their home for sale
Locate a real estate agent
Find a moving company
Prepare for a move
Packing and unpacking service
Arrange for consignment of unwanted items
Trash removal
Exterior yard grooming/refresh
Improvements through painting/flooring
General home repairs