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Cierra Goodman

makeup artist

Cierra Goodman

Ocala, FL

Looking for a makeup proffesional for a wedding, prom or an other special occasion? Look no further!

My name is Cierra Goodman, and I am in love with makeup. it has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I provide a full makeup service to those individuals who are looking to get that look they haven't been able to conquer for themselves. I enjoy doing this for my clients because I love making people feel better about themselves! I will makeover for any type of event. SATISFACTION GUARENTEE!!

Since I was young I have been wearing makeup and have enjoyed learning new ways to apply it. The older I became the more I respected the actual art of applying makeup to others. I truely feel like I am creating a masterpiece with each person. I have so much fun doing what I do. There is nothing better than the feeling a sastified client makes me feel. I have been in the Mary Kay business for a few years and in doing that I have done alot of makeovers. It has helped me along the way since I have always wanted to be in the makeup industry. I am currently enrolled in QC Makeup Academy earning my Master Makeup Artistry Certificate. I cannot wait to be on my way to bigger and better things!


I provide a full makeup service for weddings, birthdays, parties or any other event you might need me for! I always apply lashes for those who want to add some flare! Satisfaction is guarenteed here! If given the opportunity, you won't be let down. I am here to help you create the look you desire!