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Stef Proctor

makeup artist

Stef Proctor

Niagara Falls, ON

Professionalism & Perfectionism

I started off acting and modeling, and having to learn how to do my own makeup for shoots. After years of doing this I finally felt confident enough to apply makeup for others, and I immediately fell in love with transforming someone from their average self to their glamorous self!

I currently work part-time with 'Lady Luck Pin Ups' out of Dunnville, ON, applying makeup and styling hair for clients. We focus on retro 40's - 60's shoots, so this is the style I'm most used to working with on a regular basis. I consider myself a lucky girl that I get to do unique makeup on so many clients, and give them such a different look from their everyday style.

I can also do more natural looks (like in my profile photo) and also sexy, dark and creative looks as well.

I offer reasonable rates, and am willing to work for trade currently with models/photographers.


Period/retro makeup