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Julie Nguyen

makeup artist

Julie Nguyen

Santa Ana, CA

makeup,business,shop,beauty,bridal makeup

Aloha everyone! I'm Julie a makeup artist,I'm love this job because I want everyone out there look beautiful especially ladies,I also in love with the colors shade,I mixed them up and then I created a new image a new look and how I paint it on each different face shape to give my clients a great and pretty look.In mine mind my clients face is like a white rose and with my experience I will use my magic brushes to make that white rose turn to a nature beauty look.

Hello Friends,is me Julie a makeup artist,I'm really enjoy with my makeup job because it bring happy and beauty to my clients,before I chose this job I know not thing about colors and how to apply makeup on your face to look right and pretty and I also lazy to wear makeup.Now I am so happy that I have chosen to be a makeup artist it made me more proud of my self, I look beautiful everyday,I became interesting with colors keep learning a new way to create to make my clients different looks everyday.


Hello everyone,especially my clients at Julie’s makeup artist shop,this new year I’m happy to offer to my clients a big deal that if you book for a bridal makeup I will offer you a free groom’s makeup and discount a 10% for bride maids’ makeup.I will give you a very natural and fresh bride look ,the colors that I apply to your face will get alone great with your dress and also with flower that you hold.So book your date early to have this offer and also have a lowest price ever before it gone.