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Sarina Collins

event planner, wedding planner

Sarina Collins

Moss Vale, NSW


Hi i am your wedding and event planner, i am here to help you make your special occassions a lot more successful and manage-able. I offer full support in every aspect to make your day even more memorable, from invitations to catering to music to finish.

To give you a better idea of who i am, I am a happy and friendly person who has had a lot of experience in the hospitality industry, i am not actually a qualified chef but have worked as a cook for many years, I enjoy what i do and like a bit of competition, I am still working as a cook in the southern highlands region and i do a lot of confrences, i help organise functions of different types,setting up special rooms for special occassions for all different people.


The information in this area is more for what i do for my clients.
I set up a meeting with my clients to find out if i am able to do the work that they are asking me to help them with, finding out what clients are wanting off me.
I help clients in all aspects of weddings and event planning from ordering invitations, decorating the rooms they will be using, organising catering if clints need, organising equipment, cake, bands or djs,special lighting,tables, chairs, accomodation, transport,glasswear and other decor the clients may need, but most of all i am there to make their days much less worrying and stressfull.