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Sharon Puffenberger

makeup artist

Sharon Puffenberger

Columbus, OH

Let me introduce you to your face...

Sharondipity Makeup Artistry was created to help women of all ages to gain confidence in how they look and feel in everyday life. Sharondipity wants to encourage women to make an investment in themselves. Makeup enhances inner beauty when the proper products and application techniques are used. Along with makeup application for weddings, proms or other special events, Sharondipity offers services of consultation, teaching of technique and selection of products according to skin type, tone and facial shape. Clients will “get acquainted” with their own face and gain confidence in how they look and feel.

Sharon Puffenberger has taken extensive art and music courses for many years. During all those years of training Sharon realized that she wanted to work with a new kind of canvas and take her artistry to a new level with makeup. Not only did she find a new love for makeup artistry but, she gained a passion to make a difference with her talents and open women’s eyes and hearts to their own beauty and to help women of all ages to gain confidence in whom they are and how they look.
With this new found passion Sharon Puffenberger started her own business called “Sharondipity Makeup Artistry”. “Serendipity” means “a pleasant surprise” and that’s what Sharondipity Makeup Artistry is here to do, to be a pleasant surprise to the makeup industry and help change the face of makeup to a face of confidence and beauty from the inside out.




Prom/Formals/Special Events:
Evaluation and makeup application on the day of the event.

One-on-one consultation and evaluations:
Figuring out skin type, skin tone for purchasing daily makeup

How to select and apply makeup for day-to-night look

*More services coming soon*