Spectacular Home Staging & Organizing

Anne Brunetti

color consultant, home stager, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Anne Brunetti
Freehold, NJ

Making the Transitions in life Spectacular

My name is Anne Brunetti and I am a Professional Organizer and Home Stager. I love turning chaos into a peaceful and serene setting. Clutter has a deep negative affect on the way we feel about ourselves, our homes and office environments. The thing I hate most about it is the shame and isolation it causes people. Calling a professional organizer is a great beginning! Once you learn the skill of organizing, you can apply it anywhere! The power of two working together makes the job easier and go faster! I also love helping people get their homes ready to be sold. Why should your home be sold "as is" when it could be sold as "the best it can be." Time after time, I see homes listed on the Internet that I know will sit on the market because they are not staged. Homes, for most of us, are our biggest investment. Home staging is making a small investment to get a huge return. The return is your home will sell FASTER (think bidding war) and for MORE MONEY whether you are in a slow or HOT market!

My first career was as a legal secretary in New York City. There I found my love of organizing, planning and client relations. Then, I worked for a number of years as a Visual Merchandiser and Buyer in Retail after earning my Associate's Degree in Fashion Merchandising. In Visual Merchandising, I learned to engage the customer visually and move them to the action of buying. Customer service was key in retail! I believe both of these career paths have led me to where I am today. I love helping people transition through the phases of life whether it is downsizing, moving, estate planning or just wanting a fresh start. I can help and together we will make effective changes in your life!


Professional Organizing for the Home
New Moms, Blended Families, Divorce Transition, Downsize
Professional Organizing for the Office
Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Retail
Packing & Unpacking
Home Staging
Room Redesign
Closet Makeovers


Anne has helped me through several transitions of my life. When we sold our family home after a divorce, Anne helped me transition to a condo. When I moved to a rental home, she helped me move and organized me. I then bought a home and Anne helped me move, get organized and redesign! Anne is great at color coordinating! She shopped and installed drapes for my living room and dining room that coordinated our downstairs. Anne worked with each of my sons to find furniture that would fit in each of their rooms and also considered the extra drawer space they would need. We bought captain's beds for two of the rooms and they worked out very well. Anne worked with my boys to select bedding and curtains for each of their rooms. We are now in the process of blending families and Anne is making the transition easy! I highly recommend her!



When we sold our family home of 47 years, after our parents died, Anne helped us. We had to sort through a lifetime of possessions. Though our parents were not packrats, there was still a big job ahead of us. Anne kept us focused, diplomatic and we did it in intervals of time so we were not completely emotionally overwhelmed. We had a lot of fun with an estate sale. The siblings each took what was important to them and we donated what was left over. It was a big job but with Anne's good direction we got through it with grace and dignity!

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