Cynthia Lacy

home stager , interior redesigner

Cynthia Lacy
Cameron Park, CA

"Let's make your home a model home -- and GET IT SOLD!"

As a QC Design School student, I am learning the technical aspects of Home Staging and Interior Redesign. In reality, I've been doing this my entire adult life. I absolutely love designing, remodeling, improving, organizing, landscaping -- anything to do with making your home and your life more beautiful. I treat each client's home as if it were my own, and I am a perfectionist when it comes to getting the job done, and done right. I give 100 percent to each and every client, and my mission is to ensure each home is the absolute best it can be when it goes on the market.

My experience with design and decorating goes back to my childhood. As a child, I would sit with the JC Penney catalog and "decorate" my dream home for hours on end. As an adult, I make my dreams a reality. I have improved every home I've ever lived in, even rentals.
Not only am I a student at QC Design School, I majored in interior design in college. I worked for several years as a color consultant and interior designer in a home decorating center. Although I've spent the last 17 years as a court reporter, I spend my off time redecorating and improving my home, doing most of the work myself. I've learned how to be quite a handy person, thanks to some good teachers.
I also possess a Professional Certificate in Landscape Design. I put myself through school, and have now landscaped several homes, including my ex-husband's.
I also am a Professional Organizer. Once again, I took the required classes in my spare time. Several people have hired me for this service, and each one has come away very satisfied.


In today's market, Home Staging can sometimes make the difference between selling and not selling your home. Other times it determines whether you get a good price from your home, or the best price.
When I Stage your home, I will do a thorough walk-through and conduct an interview with you. Then I will produce a detailed report giving my professional opinion of the condition of your home and my recommendations concerning any issues that need to be addressed in order of priority. At that point you and I will discuss implementation of the recommendations and a time schedule for completion.
Interior redesign is an element of Home Staging, but may be purchased separately. If you are not selling your home and only want a new look, this is the service for you. When I Redesign your home, or just a room, I will take your existing furnishings and rearrange and redesign them to make your room more beautiful and more functional.
Organizing and decluttering is an element of Home Staging, but may be purchased separately. Clutter can weigh you down. And in the words of one of my clients, "getting organized is the next best thing to finding God."
Landscaping is an element of Home Staging, but may be purchased separately. As a part of the Staging process, usually all that is required is a little rejuvenation for the landscape. Purchased separately, you will be provided with a completed Professional Design, and at that point we will discuss implementation of the plan.