Testimonials for Kathy Booth

“Hi Kathy! I wanted to thank you for your integral part in getting our house sold (within one week!!!). The space looked amazing after your staging, so spacious, stylish and welcoming. The positive result was especially appreciated due to the fact we have a 7 month old baby, and were hoping for a quick result. We got it, thank you so much for your help!” All the best, Carolyn, Toronto

"Thank you Kathy for staging our home, you are amazing! The things you came up with were things we never would have thought of. We had friends come over and said that our house looked like a model home. Having someone who could honestly see our home’s potential made all the difference in the world. First we resisted some of your recommendations, but only after following through on everything we were able to see what "Your expert eye" had already seen. We honestly feel that your staging/decorating of our home had a huge impact on its sale. We would like to also add that we will be naming our first child Kathy. Now would you please come and decorate our new home? I would recommend Kathy with unbreakable confidence that she will make your “house” a “home” Thank you Kathy!" I forgot to mention that our house is sold :)" Claudia, Keswick

"Meeting with Kathy was great. Some of her ideas and comments really made a major difference in getting the house to sell quickly. She pointed out that the house was no longer a home but an investment and that it wasn't personal but instead was an investment decision to remove personal items and de-clutter. This reframing made making the changes much easier. She also mentioned that de-cluttering was a great way to get an early start on packing. She moved a few things around and rooms looked totally different. We put the house on the market and the first day we were willing to accept offers, we got an offer and sold our house. The work up front sold our house quickly and easily since we didn't have the house on the market for long. I would highly recommend her services and would definitely use her again if I were to move." Sincerely, Julie, Newmarket _______________________________________________

"As an individual anxious to sell my home after my wife's recent passing, I was overwhelmed by the response to the sale by individuals who attended the Open House which was attributed in no small part by the excellent staging process carried out by Kathy." Archibald, Toronto