Susan Bisson

home stager , interior redesigner

Susan Bisson
Nepean, ON

RoomEssence ... Balanced to Sell

Home Staging is all about selling your home faster than a non-staged home and where first impressions count. My GOAL is to prepare a calm, balanced space where potential buyers can see themselves living. My APPROACH to staging a home is simple and uncomplicated. If you are a hands on person, all you will need is a Home Evaluation Consultation. This room by room check list will guide you to what will benefit you the most. Or, I can declutter, depersonalize, choose colours, and create curb appeal - the choice is yours. Once the prep work is completed the actual staging goes quite quickly.

Because I am not emotionally attached to your furnishings or décor style I can provide an objective third-party eye and work with your existing furnishings to present your home in the best light possible to potential home buyers in less time than a home that is not staged. It is a proven fact that the cost of staging your home is generally far less than the first price reduction.

If you want a quicker sale call me today, I will be pleased to discuss your needs. I can be contacted by telephone or at

Together we can stage a home that is Balanced to Sell.


HOME STAGING services provide a professional approach to preparing a home for resale, using a buyer’s perspective and resulting in a design that is most attractive to potential buyers. In the world of real estate, there is only 10 seconds to make a first impression. Statistics assembled by the Canadian Staging Professionals Association indicate that on average, staged houses sell for a better price in their category and spend fewer days on the market than unstaged houses: 14 days compared to 31. It is a proven fact that a well prepped house is value added. Industry wisdom claims that the cost of staging your home is generally far less than the first price reduction. Staging is about selling a product - your house.

CLUTTER is something that can slowly take over your space until it’s out of control leaving you overwhelmed physically, mentally and emotionally. The simple act of de-cluttering can reverse these feelings, generate energy, and create calmness and harmony in your space.

DEPERSONALIZING is a difficult task for anyone but is an essential component to Home Staging. A staged home sells the home not the decor. Potential buyers cannot visualize their furnishings in a home filled with your memories.

FURNITURE PLACEMENT is a stressful task for most. Proper furniture and accessory placement brings balance and emotional calmness to an otherwise awkward space.

COLOUR and the psychology of colour is the most important element in decorating. Thousands of colour combinations are possible, but you only need a few to create the colour scheme best suited for your home and personal taste.

INTERIOR REDESIGN is very similar to Home Staging and follows the same “R” rules – Reduce, Refresh, Rearrange. Reduce clears the clutter, Refresh cleans the home and Redesign incorporates space planning, furniture placement and colour. These steps and many other home staging elements are used to achieve this goal and allow you to maximize the enjoyment of your home.


March 2008 Our home in Calgary had been up for sale for 8 weeks with no bites. By chance Susan was in town visiting and offered to stage our home. Her advice was clear; depersonalize, declutter, define the rooms, paint neutral colors and enhance the curb appeal. We took all of her advice to heart and asked her to come for a last inspection before arranging an Open House. We are happy to announce that 12 days later our house sold for 97% of the asking price! We were amazed! What a terrific first time experience this was. Thank you so much Susan, come back soon, we would love for you to help us with our new house.

Trevor and Pam Wright, Calgary, Alberta

April 2008 As the ambience of the community was changing, it was evident that the establishment must change as well. Nonetheless, our sports bar is considered a landmark and we were not interested in changing its essence. Susan helped us understand that with small changes such as the right color choice and replacing the outdated sports paraphernalia with newer pieces, we could keep the essence while giving the bar a fresher younger appearance. We can't thank Susan enough, not only does the bar look great, these changes have brought in new clientele. Great job!

Denise and Dave Brooks, Puzzles Sports Bar, Ottawa, Ontario

June 2008 My sister and I share a home and have separate home based businesses. With our busy schedules, we just couldn’t find the time or a starting point to get the house ready for sale. Susan, being one of our clients, offered her help. She advised us in the decluttering and depersonalizing process. Her less is more approach to staging was an eye opening experience. We had no idea what a difference this makes to buyers in selling a home. Our first open house was a success; we sold in 2 weeks and 2 days. Thank you Susan, we’ve learned a lot from you and hope you are available to help with our new home.

Tammy and Vicky, Barrhaven, Ontario