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Anne Wicks

interior redesigner

Anne Wicks

Mount Albert, ON

Rediscover Balance, Harmony & Comfort in your home office.

Small Office Solutions (S.O.S) is a home office re-décor service created to save you the time and stress of evaluating what you need to have for an effective, comfortable and supportive workspace. I achieve this by focusing on re-décor solutions based on what inspires you, allowing creativity to flourish. I believe that anyone who strives to be productive and successful in their work needs a space that supports them both physically and emotionally.

About Me
My interest in Interior Decorating and how comfort, ergonomics and the effects of our surroundings impact the way we live and work, has lead me to extensively research how to combine these factors for use in the home office environment.

Re-décor principles combined with my background in retail and a joy of helping others has inspired me to develop a design service aimed to help you achieve balance, harmony and comfort in your home office by envisioning different uses for various items you currently have.


If you are preparing to set up a home office (or study space for kids), or you need help with the workspace you have, then Small Office Solutions can help you! I will create economical solutions that are aimed at addressing any issues interfering with your ability to work. Most of all I will listen to your concerns, respect your family life and schedule, and I will strive to incorporate your wishes into the most comfortable solution for you.

A Small Office Solutions consultation will include:
- A general questionnaire to better understand your business and any problems as you see them
- A personal questionnaire to better understand the person who will be using the space
- An inventory of available furniture, including dimensions
- A measurement of the “office” in question
- And if necessary, a basic ergonomic assessment

A Small Office Solutions report may include:
- Alternative floor plans to consider, possibly based on Feng Shui principles
- Examples of where to place everything you need to make the most ergonomic use of your space
- Minimum space requirements per person for shared work-spaces
- Décor suggestions based on the personal questionnaire


This letter confirms our use of Small Office Solutions’ services during the month of April 2006, leading up to our office move from Markham to Aurora. During such time Ms. Wicks consulted Mediastats on measuring and fitting furniture and general use of space. This included accounting for special staff requirements, colour and other aesthetic considerations, ability to move items into an older (tight-fitting) premise and also health-related concerns. In all aspects, Mediastats was very pleased with the results….the project was completed on time and on budget.

John R., Senior VP & CIO - Mediastats Inc., Aurora, ON - May 2006

The office layout is great! The furniture, colours and decorating schemes are arranged in a manner where space and atmosphere are both optimized. No room appears too full or too empty. And, each room flows into the next.

Jim T., Supervisor (Data Services) - Mediastats Inc., Aurora, ON - May 2006

Anne was a great at helping me to focus on my needs in my home office and what it should be doing for me rather than what it was currently doing to me which was very unproductive. Her ability to offer ideas that went outside of the standard office environment setting to create more soothing and inspiring surroundings was very refreshing. I now have an office that I enjoy being in rather than wanting to walk past and close the door on. I look forward to calling on Anne's expertise as we plan a work space for our three growing children and their ever changing needs.

Chris E. - Hanover, ON - March 2007