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Joanne Vroom
West Island of Montreal, QC


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Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money. Staging techniques focus on improving a property's appeal by transforming it into a welcoming, attractive product that anyone might want.Unique home solutions is a localized Home staging company, working directly in the Montreal, Laval, Pierrefonds area.

We home stage vacant properties by bringing in furniture, lighting and accessories. If you are living in your home, we redesign your rooms so that your rooms look great using your furniture and accessories. We give consultations, suggestions, organize, renovate and supply cabinets. We have solutions for all your rooms. See some of our past projects. Before and after pictures will give you a better sense of what we do and the impact our services will have on your property.

Where it all began

Our company Unique Home Solutions began in 2006, and was started by Joanne Vroom who had a life long passion for building homes and loving the opportunity to choose all the tiles, light fixtures and wall colors. After building several of her own homes with her husband, and moving many times, she decided to go back to study. She put her talents and passion in helping others improve the insides of their homes before they went on the market. Having also renovated homes, she and her husband, a licensed contractor, saw many homes which sat on the market for long periods of time when a few changes in color, decluttering and furniture placement could have made a world of difference for the seller.

Home staging West Island Montreal

Our company, can help find home staging solutions in Montreal Quebec and the surrounding areas (Pierrefonds, Laval, Dorval & West Island) for your home whether it is organizing, downsizing, redesigning or home staging. With a wealth of experience in residential construction, property development and professional organizing, we offer a complete range of services. Take advice to do the work yourselves or have us project manage the work for you with our hands on service. The degree of involvement varies from property to property as every problem is unique.

No matter how large or small your project is, we bring practical and effective solutions tailoring our services to suit you.


Home Staging Solutions Montreal

Whether you want to de-clutter and stage your property and put it on the market or just create a fresh new look for your home by rearranging your furniture, changing your color scheme and purging your home of things you never use, you have come to the right place. We can help you in all these areas. Choose to do all the work yourself after a consultation with us, or let us work with you and do most or all of the work.

Selling a property more swiftly and for more money

Home staging is the technique of preparing, packaging and presenting a home for sale in a manner that makes it sell quickly and at it’s highest and best possible price.
Homestagers work with the “flow” of a home. This consists of adding or re-arranging furniture, eliminating clutter, sometimes neutralizing the color and depersonalizing the home so that potential buyers can visualize themselves living there. With the help of a Professional Stager and Redesign Professional, your home can make an indelible impression on potential homebuyers.

Vacant Home Staging

We will bring furniture, art work, décor accessories, lighting. curtains and rods into your home. We will carefully and strategically place furniture and accessories highlighting your home’s best features. We will make it very welcoming for the potential buyer so that he feels he is walking into a ‘model home’. Delivery and pickup are included in the price.

Six reasons to stage your vacant property!
1.Most purchasers have trouble visualizing their furniture in an empty space. If the property has an open concept, just trying to picture the location and scale of your furniture is difficult. Will it fit in the space? How will I place my furniture?
2.Buyers can not visualize themselves living in the home when it is vacant. It is difficult to do when it is empty. They are looking for away to connect to the house, to the lifestyle they see when furniture is strategically placed to show off the home.
3.A vacant home exhibits all its flaws as there is nothing else to draw the eye away from them. Whether the baseboards are crooked, or there is a hairline crack in the plaster, every flaw becomes visible. Nothing should purposely be hidden from a buyer, but sometimes too many slight imperfections will make a potential buyer walk away from the property.
4.A vacant home with an open concept can not define living areas (living room, dining room) without furniture. Staging the vacant property divides the areas of living and shows the potential of the home’s available space. Sometimes a room is so large or shaped irregularly, that just creating a vignette or extra space such as a nook for a desk or work station adds incredible value which the potential purchaser might not have thought of.
5.Sellers of vacant properties tend to get less money for their home and look more desperate. Everyone knows, the longer a vacant property sits on the market, the more desperate the owner of it probably is. There are carrying costs which add up fast. Staging the property makes it stand out from other vacant properties and increases its chances of selling. When a property is vacated, most people assume the seller is carrying the cost of two properties.
6.Empty homes feel colder and impersonal when prospective home buyers walk in. Since most buyers make their buying decision within the first few minutes of walking into a home, it is difficult to have this connection when it is empty. If you are trying to sell a more luxurious house but it is missing a luxurious look, potential homebuyers will also not see it and will try to get the house for a lower price.

Occupied Home Staging

Staging an occupied home is challenging because each home has it’s own personality and taste of décor. We will not be decorating your home as a decorator would work with color schemes with the client. Instead we give suggestions, bring in a painter or rearrange furniture and remove other pieces so that the home appeals to the masses. The more neutral the palette, the more acceptable it is to potential buyers. De-personalizing your home, removing diplomas, personal family pictures, decluttering etc. helps buyers visualize themselves living in your home.

Walk-through consultation

Having made an appointment for a consultation, we take a “walk about” your property to identify the area in need of attention. (approx. 1 1/2-2 hours)


Space and how we use it, live in and with it, is the key to how your property affects your lifestyle. Wasted space in corners, cupboards full of clutter, overloaded shelves and those boxes that you just “haven’t got around to sorting”… does any of this ring true? Let us help you regain that space and find out just how much more room you actually have to live in!

Hands on help

Having decided to put the advice into practice, you can hire a consultant to be there during the process, or call us in for those finishing touches.

Purchasing finishing touches

If you need extra art or accessories, we can set a budget and shop and purchase them with or for you or you can rent items from us.

Photo Consultation

Distance is not a problem, why not send us in your photos of those problem areas. Stand in the corner of a room, and take a landscape view photo of the opposite wall, working your way around the room to include all floor space. We will return a full written report to you with recommendations for improvement.


If you are considering having your home staged by Joanne Vroom of Unique Home Solutions Inc., I highly recommend it. I was extremely pleased with what Joanne did to transform a property I had from just a house into a beautiful HOME. The house felt so empty and didn't have that warm feel to it that buyers are looking for. Being in real estate, I know a staged home sells faster and for more money than a home that is not staged, even if it is nicely decorated. My client had their home on the market with two other agents before hiring me. Once the house was staged and the pictures went up on MLS, I had an offer within the week and the house sold within a month. Thank you Joanne for all the hard work. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Sofia Bargelletti- Sutton Distinction Inc.

Being said, First impressions are everything is true and Joanne achieved the look that creates the emotional attachment one gets as soon as walk through the front door for the first time. Joanne and her team from Unique Home Solutions did a fantastic job. I really appreciate her professionalism and how honest and up front she has been with everything. We just spent near 6 months doing full renovation in our Flip project. After renovation, the house looked like a brand new house but was empty and without WOW impression. I called Joanne and we met, she answered all my questions and explained the process. The staging was completed a few days later and what a was looked like a show home. Multiple offers within first week being in the market were the result of mix professional flipping and staging. The house was sold close to listed price. Process was easy, convenient and they do all the work.... I highly recommend their service to anyone consider doing the staging."

K. Hajenezam-home owner

I engaged the firm to provide professional Home staging services to assist me with the sale of several units in my Condo project. Joanne, the principal in the firm, exceeded all of my expectations in striving to do everything possible to make the staging a success. She had boundless energy and offered numerous practical tips. In hiring her firm, you will benefit from the cumulative knowledge and experience resulting from all of her previous home stagings and real estate projects. This knowledge and experience goes well beyond home staging and touches on many aspects of building design, home decoration and real estate in general. Her clients truly receive great value for their money.

R. Snowdon- condo developer

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