Julie Medley

home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Julie Medley
Bracebridge, ON

For more than 8 years, I have been helping Muskokans dig through the clutter in their homes and cottages.
As a Professional Organizer, Certified Home Stager and International Design and Decorating Professional™ I can help anyone – from young children to the elderly – purge and redesign to make their spaces livable again, whether you’re slightly disorganized or a self-professed hoarder. With a gentle, non-judgmental approach I can make the most insurmountable task seem like a breeze.
Helping people make the most of their homes in order to live comfortably is my specialty. Through my business, My Organizer in Muskoka, I can help with everything from the simple reorganization of a closet to assisting a family going through the contents of a lifetime home or cottage of a recently deceased parent. Once I help them to get rid of unwanted items, I then set up a system to help them stay organized. Often for a finishing touch, I stage or redesign the living space. Some clients are looking for a little support and assistance with organizing while others have so much clutter in their homes that they can no longer live in them comfortably. I have experience working with clients in partnership with their necessary support people. I have been called when there is a death in the family or when a family member is moving into long-term care, other times, no one is able to help deal with a family member’s disorganization. It is not unusual for me to deal with people that have so much clutter in their homes that it is difficult to use living spaces, or even get through the front door. Some projects may take just a few hours but others last much longer. Clutter and disorganization are problems faced by all demographics and I’m there to help. I’ve had parents hire me to work with their teenager’s right up to working with people in their 90s.
Meeting interesting people and helping improve their quality of life is important to me.
I get the house to a place where they are happy, content and relaxed and they enjoy their home with family and friends.


When I contacted Julie Medley of M.O.M. for a consultation & subsequent partnership I knew I needed to get order in my life again. I had some concern over whether I was capable of letting go of “things” that were unimportant and handing over control to a stranger without a feeling of guilt or pressure. Julie patiently and with care took the time to ease me through the process and now I walk through my home with a sense of pride, peace and contentment.


I LOVE my M.O.M.!!! Yes I do love my Mom, but I also really LOVE Julie …my organizer, my helper, my savior, my new best friend!!! She is such a joy to work with, to have come into my home to spend some time with me cleaning out, sorting out, throwing out and re-organizing!!! Personally, I would much rather be outside biking , hiking with my dogs…..But since I first had Julie come over, she makes it all soooo easy…….and I love her company!!! Julie has such great ideas…..two heads, two hands, are so much better than one……Our times together go so fast and we get so much accomplished!! “M.O.M.” is so efficient, so creative, so clever, sooo incredibly helpful!!! I feel so good when Julie leaves, and so on top of my household…..thanks to her!!! I highly recommend Julie to help with everything and anything…..especially those tasks/jobs you tend to always put off!!!! M.O.M. will definitely get the job(s) done…..whether it’s for a one time visit, such as spring cleaning or on an on-going basis. I am addicted!!!! Can’t live without Julie (M.O.M.) ……


Working full time with a busy family schedule finally caught up with me. I realized, as I wandered from room to room, I was being overwhelmed by the treasures my family had collected over the years. Our drawers were jammed, the closets stuffed, and stacks of "blue bins" (I curse the invention) hid the forgotten. I called M.O.M. nervous about letting a stranger behind the closed doors and into the hidden, often blocked corners of our house. Julie showed up armed with boxes and bubbling with ideas. We walked through the house talking about my family, my house and most importantly, what to do with the "stuff". It's been five years now since M.O.M. entered our home and lives. Julie has become my secret weapon in helping me to organize our household. Julie is the #1 M.O.M. in our house!


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