Pam Houghton

color consultant , home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner

Pam Houghton
Port Perry, ON



B&A Stages: First impressions SELL homes! We depersonalize, declutter, redesign, accessorize, create curb appeal and address necessary home repairs. We provide an essential service to the Real Estate Industry. Realtors and homeowners recognize that in order to achieve the best results and successfully compete with other listings, they "must" invest in a STAGING EXPERT!
B&A Redesigns: We offer our clients a full design/redesign service: in-home colour consultations, furnishings, flooring, draperies, accessories, wallcoverings etc.

B&A Plans: We plan exquisite events: For years, we have been recognized for our exceptional, one of a kind party planning! Simple yet elegant, classy but casual - we stand apart from the rest!
B&A Creates: We create personally designed gift baskets - we are proud "basketeers"! We take this "creating" very it gourmet, spa, milestones, new babies or...."just because"! Our "claim to fame" - PICNIC - winter or summer!




Hello, Pam Thank you very, very, very much for all you did for us. Our offer came in two weeks after listing, and was sold a week and a half later. Whoo hoo!!! Let me know when it would be convenient to get your accessories to you and also what our final bill will be. Thank you again, Colleen, Bob, Kate and Steven

Hi Pam: The basket is absolutely beautiful! Thank You sooo much! I will leave a cheque for you at the front desk! I think I am getting one possibly two offers on Blossom so I will let you know this week. My Toronto trip was amazing. So inspiring and motivating. So glad I went. Talk to you soon. Carolyn

Hi Pam, I think the night went great and yes it was a lot of fun. We have received some great comments from other store owners in town and also the public. The winners of the baskets were Marek Melas(Beach Basket) he was downtown with his Mom who’s birthday it was (one of the 1st ballots filled out) and Jordyn Labatt from Seagrave, I am still trying to get a hold of her and let her know. We are putting it in the Star group ad this week and also saying thank you to everyone. Thanks again for all your input and ideas, it was fabulous Tanya