Lashawn Lindsey

interior decorator , interior redesigner

Lashawn Lindsey
DC, Maryland, VA, MD

Welcome to "SAZZY DESIGNS" by LaShawn Lindsey!
Let me dazzle some *Pizazz* your way, giving you the experience of a vacation dream home in

Hello, I am LaShawn Lindsey. Your very own personal Interior Decorator Extraordinaire! As a child, I had an art for designing. I started by painting unique pictures in my classroom, then I went home and started painting unique shapes and other decors to my bedroom walls, my closet doors, even the floors and ceiling! As I grew older, I would hear comments from people telling me I had a candy eye for "Sazzy Style", in Interior Decorating. Now I am ready to share my style with people all over the world. I customize my ideas making everything about your home, something wonderful to talk about! From unique customed toilet seats to cascading draper

I have over 10 years of experience in decorating. I studied at The QC Design School, and learned everything I need to know about becoming a professional Interior Decorator. I have so many family and friends who come to my home, and admire my decorating, and ALWAYS ask if I can come to their homes to decorate for them! I have so much pleasure in decorating, and I am always looking forward to decorating others homes. I was hired by friends to decorate their homes, and I have completed dozens already! The before and after affects were amazing! My customers were extremely happy with the makeovers to their rooms! I would have to say, that my favorite rooms to decorate are bathrooms! I have this desire to make everyroom in your home feel like you're away on a vacation on a beautiful island, with a clear open mind! One of my special effects in decorating are waterfalls. Tranquility is so relaxing.....but whatever your desire is, I can transform your room to satisfy your needs! From start to finish, I have ideas to make you very happy!


Sazzy Designs offers great prices, and the work looks worth thousands!

Room-Makeovers, Room Upgrades and Room Redesigns, are all services that "Sazzy Designs" by LaShawn Lindsey, provide to you!

For a very low price, my company offers you a one on one consultation, creating for your review a virtual computerized screen of the before and after effects of the desired rooms you choose to have decorated. This allows you to know what your room will look like before you pay for your services being provided to you!