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Victoria Mann

event planner

Victoria Mann

Suffern, NY

Your day, your way!

Hello and welcome to my personal site! I hope that you can find all of the information you need to make a decision about your event. In moving forward please keep in mind that this "business" is my passion. I wake up every day excited to put together the pieces of your event puzzle; making sure every detail fits together perfectly. I share your excitement for your big day and understand just how important it truly is. I look forward to working with you!

Raised in Orange County New York, I now call Rockland County home. I have found nothing more exciting than seeing how happy people are when they execute a great event, or when their one big day finally comes around. Seeing the payoff of all of the planning, stressing, and focus; has driven me to follow my passion into the world of event planning. Events are always focused around love: whether the joining of two people at a wedding, a family celebrating a birthday of a loved one, or a gathering of those saying goodbye to someone they loved. The outpouring of love is worth every minute of planning. In a world where we turn on the news and experience tragedy every day; who would not want to be in the business of love!


Any task you need done can be accommodated. I work with each client to make sure that each of their needs and wants can be properly met. Being that every event is different I work on an individual basis to provide your service list and pricing. Please contact me to discuss your needs, I look forward to hearing from you!