Susan Binne

interior decorator

Susan Binne
Stonewall, MB

Let Your Dream Room Become Reality

Dream Designs is a Manitoba based interior decorating and design company, founded in April of 2008.

With service in Winnipeg, and rural Manitoba, we offer competitive and affordable services with a Dream touch.

Dream Designs is a Manitoba based business partnership, founded in April of 2008.

Our services include, interior decorating and design, consultations, home staging and reorganization of rooms, or whole homes.

This includes new and existing homes in Winnipeg, and rural Manitoba. Our target groups are clients
looking for design and decorating ideas with any budget in mind. We will be very competitive with affordable services with a Dream touch.


Room or whole home design and decorating service in which we plan, design and take a room from start to finish. We will select all design and decor items and end with a completed and finished room.

Redesign of a space. This could include color choices, flooring, fabrics, lighting, furniture and accessories. A summary board and how to booklet would be presented to the client and approved to proceed. Clients can choose to complete the work themselves or have Dream Designs complete the project.

Staging of a home in preparation for an upcoming sale. Dream Designs believe that staging a home for selling is essential to acquire the best price possible in a competitive market. This includes, but is not limited to, rearranging room layouts, paint refresh, fixing any space imperfections, changing hardware on cupboards or doors, renewing floor and window treatments. Sometimes lighting may also need updating. The space will now become a neutral show room to entice any potential buyer to see themselves living in the home.

Reorganization of spaces. This entails a complete overhaul of a room, from removal of unwanted items, reorganizing the items left in the space, using organizing items and tools such as closet organizers, decorative baskets, boxes, storage units, shelving, hidden storage such as ottomans or window seats. Again the focus is to teach clients how to better enjoy the spaces in their homes.


"You ladies did a fabulous job on the layout, I liked the way it was presented. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others who are looking for changes."

Cathy Belanger