Loredana Capellupo-Di Ciano

color consultant , home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner

"There is beauty in the world of ideas"

Like an artist seeking the perfect medium to create, it is the individuals that I work with on a daily basis that allow me to say that the user is the center of what I create. As an Art History graduate, I have admired and held the various artistic forms of Leonardo Da Vinci’s mediums close to my heart-it is with this inspiration that the name CHIAROSCURO DESIGN comes to life as an hommage to this wonderful artist.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s CHIAROSCURO

My experience as a makeup artist, professional consultant in the beauty industry, interior designer and decorator, and brand advisor, is an all encompassing experience of the most personal forms of self expression.

Realizing harmony that lends to the beauty of bringing ideas to life is my passion. It is with this, that I wish to share the beginning of a new philosophy with you-one of a new aesthetic in realizing individual thoughts and ideas. Realizing that the goal in life is to bring out the beauty in the world of ideas.

I create freely, with a pioneering vision towards concepts, philosophies and new identities in design.

Like a sculptor who envisions a design by simply looking at the raw shape of a rock, I too examine the world of ideas with this artesian method.

“There is beauty in the world of ideas”
Loredana Alessandra


Residential and Corporate Services

Project Planning and Visual Orientation-branding your space according to you

Color Palette Consultations-Bespoke color selections for your every space

Shape and Form-redesign or redecorate to create a dynamic space.

Complete Design Experience-Design brought to life through variation of color palettes, fabrics, sustainable materials, communication in the fifth at its best.

Loli Boutique-Inspired by children for children...Unique and Sustainable Nursery designs