Michaella Colebrooke

wedding planner

Michaella Colebrooke

Making the wedding of your dreams a reality !!!

Hello potential client, i'm Michaella and I hail from the capital of the Bahamas, New Providence. As a little girl growing up on the islands, I would day dream about weddings ;white flowing gowns, beatiful island flowers, big cars and even bigger parties. Now that i'm all grown up i decided to make the dream a reality and be a part of making those who dreamed like me a wonderful and extrodinary reality.

My approach to any wedding


I offer a wide range of services. I can be there for you in an advisory capcity or I can hold your hand and help you to make every decision that best suit you and your budget.

Listed below are options and packages


With this option you will be given a crash course in wedding plannng and helpful hints. You will also be given a budgeter to help you plan the wedding you want without going into dept.


With this option your events will be planned for. Every detail there is to take care of will be handld for you. The only thing you do is make the fnal decisions and show up