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Kitti Deak

home stager , interior redesigner

"Shall your life be rewarding and your home beautiful!"

K.D. Real Estate Staging and Redesign is a full scale staging and redesigning service, offering one-on-one personal consulting to understand the need of the necessary changes and improvements in order to get the most out of your home.

The mission of the company is to make home seller's lives go smoother in the stressful environment of real estate and to create a beautiful place.

K.D. Real Estate Staging and Redesign is a friendly place where we listen to your needs and work with your budget.

Real Estate Staging helps you to address necessary changes and updates for your home. In today's world, staging is an essential

Kitti Deak is a professional real estate stager and redesigner. She earned her diploma at QC Design School which is accredited by the International Staging Professionals.

Her interest goes back to her early ages. During her high school years, she studied architecture and engineering. At this time, she started reading all the design related magazines and books. Even though, she earned her bachelors degree in engineering, her love for design has never stopped.

Her first project was her first apartment which required wall painting, furniture layout, and decorating. When she bought her first house, she removed walls and added arches to create a better flow.

She came to the States 7 years ago and earned her masters in engineering. More and more people, mostly friends, asked her to help them with their decorating problems.

She brings her international design flavor to America and mixes with the American styles. This approach makes her style unique and exclusive. She has traveled many countries in Europe and learned about different techniques.


Real Estate Staging Consulting:

The real estate staging consulting is priced after the size of the home and it is a fixed rate charge.

One bedroom apartment/house: $150

Two bedroom apartment/house: $200

Three bedroom apartment/house: $250

Four or more bedroom apartment/house: $300

The price includes a walk through and a report which will contain all recommendations. The price does include an overall description of your home exterior (if applicable) but not in details. Detailed information is available upon request.

Real Estate Staging:

Staging (moving furniture, hanging art, decorating with existing material) is charged by the hour.

Hourly rate: $75

(does not include any physical work other than the above mentioned).

Professional help for painting, plumbing, landscaping could be recommended.

Room Redesign Consulting:

The room redesign consulting is by hourly rate. It does not include a final report or actual rearrangment of furniture.

Hourly rate: $50

Room Redesign:

The room redesign is a fixed price charge which contains the redesign for one room at a time. It includes moving furniture, hanging art, decorating with the existing material. Depend on the size and detail of the room, the price:


(does not include any physical work other than the above mentioned).

Professional help for painting, plumbing, landscaping could be recommended.

Holiday Decoration, Personal Shopping:

This service is charged hourly. Depend on the client’s budget for the project, time will be spent accordingly.

Hourly charge: $50