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Amanda Pike

interior decorator , interior redesigner

Amanda Pike

Neosho, MO

Making the world a more beautiful place one room at a time.

I am just a person, like you, who enjoys the benifits of decorating. I enjoy what I do.
My approach to design is observation. I observe people; the way they live, who they are, and even what they think, if need be, in order to understand that particular persons needs when it comes to decorating.

I graduated high school in 2001 and went to get an associated in business. I also earned a certificate in interior decorating in 2002. I look for new ways all the time to learn more on design which is why I am taking more classes to earn yet another degree in interior design.
My experiece are more personal than business. I was remodeling a 1870 colonial house that I purchases in 2005. I also enjoy helping family and friends out when they need a new approach to design in their house.
I have always had an eye for design. When I was younger I was constantly redoing the decor and rearranging furniture in my mother's house finding ways to make the room look more attractive.


My services include interior designer, interior rediesigner, or a consultant if your just want a professional oppinion.