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Liz Lavine

home stager , interior redesigner

Liz Lavine

Glenwood, MD

The WOW Factor
offering Staging and Redesign Services,
Pre-marketing, Renew Marketing and
"New Looks' for all Properties.
Commercial a

Put 23 years of real estate experience to work for you. I specialize in Howard, Carroll, Anne Arundel and Prince George’s counties. Offering services for Pre-marketing and marketing relocation sales, pre-marketing and marketing foreclosure sales, residential sales & management, 1031 exchanges, land & farms sales and commerical leasing.

I worked as a sales manager for Coldwell Baker Residential Real Estate Company, 1989-1994. From there, I became Broker/Owner of ERA Triple Crown Realty Inc., and in 1999 I became Broker/owner of Countryside Properties Inc.,. I have Masters’ degree in Marketing from the University of Maryland, College Park. I

Twenty-three years in the real estate industry has taken my career through good markets, buyers' markets and sellers' markets. I have had plenty of move-in, priced right properties to sell with demand and supply in close equilibrium and I have had just as many real tough sells: bank foreclosures, vacant and dated properties, run down properties, tear downs, etc. My speciality: the hard sells. No matter the market, you need the right tools to get your listing from currently on the market to sold. I can help you do that.


Staging Pricing Menu

Garden style condominium $350.00

Properties 3000 sq. ft and under $500

Properties 3001 to 5999 sq. ft. $700
Properties over 6000 sq. ft. $1000

Follow-up meeting, 1 hour, $100

Other marketing services:
• A rider for the for sale sign that says “Staged Home.”
• Before and after pictures on a cd rom, which you can use to help sell your home to potential buyers.
• Broker’s Lunch- an agent open house to increase the visibility of your property.

Room Redesign Pricing Menu

Redesign is the art of transforming a room, house or office with a new look, better functionality or a new mood, with what you already own. We do this by rearranging your artwork, furniture and accessories to recreate the look that you want.

A redesign begins with a 30 minute preview of your house, room or office. This allows us to get a better understanding and feel of the entire picture. We will learn what you like, what you don’t like and what you are trying to accomplish with our expertise. Then we will return for the “redesign” activity. You can help or you can leave- your pick. Once we are done you will have an entirely new look with spending one dime on furnishings.
$200.00/hour/two hour minimum

Color Consultations

The use of color can dramatically change the tone, mood and style of a room. This can be done through careful selection of accessories, fabric, window treatments and of course, paint.

$75.00/hour/two hour minimum

Organizational Services

Hate the clutter and mess but just can’t fix it? We are your solution. All it takes is your commitment and our skills to reduce clutter, organize and improve the efficiency of your space.

$100.00/hour/two hours minimum.


The Wow Factor offers consultations to help you decide what needs to be done. We can help you prioritize the projects, inventory your furniture, accessories and artwork, and analyze your current decorating. We help you through digital photographs, information gathered, and inventory of objects and a thorough understanding of your goals.

$75.00/hour/two hours minimum

Moving-In Services

Moving to a new location is an excellent opportunity to change styles, moods, furniture and tone of your house. It is as if you have a clean slate. Services can include previewing your current and new residences, packing and unpacking boxes, arranging furniture, helping select colors, art placement, accessory placements and lighting.

Fee quoted by individual job


I had a listing that sat on the market. Liz came to stage the property and within two days, the listing sold. She took a ho-hum property and literally turned into a marketable property.

Tracy Griffin, Dayton, Heritage Realty

My family room was boring and dated. I hired Liz to revamp the room. She helped me selected colors, light fixtures and window treatments. After that, she moved furniture, art work, pillows and within a week, I had a new family, which I love.

Merrill Hanson, Ellicott City