Laura Lyn Lyons

color consultant , feng shui consultant , home stager , interior redesigner , landscape designer

Laura Lyn Lyons
Nashua, NH

Personal transformation of space for inner peace and new beginnings.

Laura Lyons Design is formed in the heart and flows through an Aura of personal transformation of space for inner peace and new beginnings.
Balance: proportion; harmonious arraignment
Purification: process of removing impurities; moral and spiritual healing; clarification
Energizing: changing of the body and soul with energy
An environment will be created to Harmonize with who you are and give you the stepping stones to your future path…

My true passion and gift is through the vision of creative placement in order to make the most of each space.
No matter how big or small, the importance is in the space and how well it is created.


Create a serene tranquil peace within you and your surroundings for optimal balance in your life....

Space clearing
Staging your home or office for better flow, a new fresh feel, resale, placing furnishing to maximize space and special gatherings.
Feng Shui consulting
Garden design
Reiki healing treatments