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Angela Faro

makeup artist

Angela Faro

Marysville, WA

Hi, my name is Angela and I am currently enrolled in the Master Makeup Artistry course at QC Makeup Academy and I am looking forward to mastering the art of makeup especially for stage, tv and film!

I have a clever and unique eye and flair for fashion. While I am also aware of mainstream fashion, I tend to be drawn to alternative styles personally, so gives me a very versatile fashion sensibility.

So for now, I am getting going with the learning aspect, but before too long I will be trained and ready to properly use faces and bodies as my artistic canvasses!!

I have always been fascinated by beauty, fashion, makeup, drama, stage, tv, film, and entertainment in general as well as everything that goes along with it. It has been my dream to make a career in these artistic industries. I am very excited to finally be taking the steps toward making this dream a reality!


Coming soon.................