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Daniel Sweeney

color consultant , interior decorator

Daniel Sweeney

Toronto, ON

Making designs work for real living and great fashion.

Hi, my name is Daniel Sweeney. CEO and president of Modern Chic Interiors. As a young man starting out in the world of Interior design and decor I always had big dreams, to try and get people to see and think about interiors differently. I like to think outside the box, be creative and enjoy the proccess with the client as the beauty of great looking fashion meets practical base design principals. Making the experience fun and upliffting not tired and dapper.

I first started out as a colour consultant for ICI Paints, gaining practical knowledge of paints, stains, epoxies, and other home based materials used in the process of Decorating. I then Moved on to work out of the Benjermen Moore market. Dealing with a specific client base with specific needs, also helping me gain practical knowledge in using the appropriate tools for the job at hand. As u proceeded to strengthen my skills and expand my knowledge of design principals with the executive trainning offered. This allowed me to howen in on my natural talents and able me to derive to functional designs. My lastest conquest was with QC Design schoo upgrading my skills and am now confident to take on full scale projects and am able to understand the clients wants and needs and turn that into beautiful and practical design.


Please Contact me in regards to services by Modern Chic Interiors.

Daniel Sweeney