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Gail Harndon-Woerner

home stager , interior redesigner

Gail Harndon-Woerner

Scottsville, Wheatland , NY

"Creative Transformations" Showing your home's true personality--whether it's "For Sale" or "For Living".

In any market, especially a “buyer’s market” it’s imperative that your home stands out from its competition. Each home has its own unique features; therefore, I will devise a plan that is specifically tailored to enhance your home’s appeal to a broader group of potential buyers. A "Creative Transformation" can help increase your homes marketability and increase its chances for selling faster and for more money than competing homes on the market. Depending on the condition and age of your home, furnishings and accessories, most staging projects can be completed by using your existing pieces.

As a home staging consultant I will work with you and your agent to help you get that "Sold" sign on your front lawn. Selling a home is a team effort. As your home stager, I will come into the picture with a fresh set of eyes. I can see the things that detract from a sale; the things that we are all guilty of becoming complacent with and are just part of our daily lives of living in our homes. You wouldn’t think of buying a home without an inspection, why sell without staging? Email me and as a team, we can help your home show its true personality.

Food For Thought:

Has anyone ever said that a staging impeded the sale of their home?

As the market improves and there is a saturation of homes, yours will have to stand out from the rest!


Has your home been on the market too long without any offers in sight? Is your home uninviting or lack personality? A staging or redesign could be the solution to your problem. For less than what your first price reduction would be, A "Creative Transformation" can help. By using proven home staging techniques we can generate some real interest from potential buyers. Or if you are just looking to recreate an energized living area that you can be proud to show off, we can do that too. Let's get started with a consultation.

Agents, depending on your client's circumstances, I can stage and take pictures for you to post.

If you need help with de-cluttering and organizing to prepare for Open House, I can help with that also!

Plus, if you have just moved into your new home, we can help with decorating and accessorizing too!

I work with a local family-owned and operated business who can help if you are looking for custom cabinetry for your kitchen/bath, integrated sinks with many options for counter tops, mill work, furniture, etc. Check out the fireplace surround/mantle and bathroom in the portfolio.


Our living room was cluttered and lacked personality. Now it is an inviting space. It has a more relaxed atmosphere and I enjoy being in this space.

Carol D..--Henrietta, NY

Our new patio had no life and now it is a place where everyone wants to be.

Carol D--Henrietta, NY

My sunroom was boring and uninviting. After Gail added the valances and pillow covers that she made along with a few accessories and furniture I already had, the transformation made the room cozy.

June H.--North Chili, NY

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