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Dina Panotier

home stager

Dina Panotier

Toronto, ON

My interest in home decorating started when I was 7 years of age as far as I recall.
Saturdays were the big cleaning days where everything was spotless, polished, organized and arranged in a lovely manner. I would get excited when my mother would bring exotic or conventional flowers, select a special vase and place them in a particular spot. The fun part was when I would volunteer select doilies and feature them on their respective tables and move some accessories places and have a big smile after the final result. I would contemplate the living room for hours which was my favourite room.

As an adult, I kept the same habit of having my ap

French speaking, I spent the last 10 years working in the Insurance Industry from basic Commercial to International Property line dealing with brokers, working in a fast space and very stressful environment as an Underwriting Technical Assistant. Although it was not a field that I enjoyed, it enabled me develop my analytical skills.

My enrollment in the Staging program is one of the best decisions I ever made and the first stone to a long journey.

Harmony, Serenity, Wisdom and Beauty of all kind are important to my well being.
I am a thinker who is very much in-touch with her inner self but who is not afraid of making fun of herself. My hobbies are simply movies, restaurants, museums, music with a good tempo except country, interior decorating and some sports although I do not practice any.