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Tanis Daum

makeup artist

Tanis Daum

Williams Lake, BC

My Name is Tanis Daum and I would love to create a Look just for you! Every ones Look is different, some people are soft and sweet and some people a confidant and edgy. I believe that makeup can be used to express who you are, or even your feelings for the day. Your person can change from day to day; the blushing bride doesn’t want the same look that she would use for her bachelor party. Help me make the image in you mind come out.

My Name is Tanis Daum and my passion for makeup extends back to adolescents. I have loved doing peoples makeup for years. Right from high school my friends would ask me “Tanis can you do my makeup for the dance?” There were some times that I had to say “I will but I do my makeup and hair first”. As time went on I went to pursue a career in carpentry, but it never seemed to fit. I enjoyed doing it however something was missing. I found myself applying makeup after work just to stay at home. A few years ago my mom volunteered my services to a local theatre group. They were starting the play that night and didn’t have anyone to do makeup. So my mom said “Tanis knows how to do makeup!” That one play turned into three plays that year, and two productions the year after and I just completed my third play this season. I am currently attending QC Makeup Academy and it has flamed the fire to my passion for makeup. I am learning things that will aid me to be able to make the perfect look for you!


I am not only willing to cater to the personal style and location of you, my amazing client, but desire to make you makeup dreams come true.
A bridal look? First we do a trial so that the day of your wedding is already planned and relatively stress free. I am willing to Travel to the bride (with in reason) to decrease the stress on one of the most important days of your life.
Do you know how to apply your makeup? I am willing to come to your house or location of choice and work with you to teach you what colours look good on you and how to apply your makeup. We will go through a daily makeup routine and a look that can e used for more of a night time look.
Do you have a big event that you want to "shine like diamonds"? A little makeup can go a long way to add confidence when receiving a prestigious award, or even just walking into a room of hundreds of people.
Do you need to create a character? Theatre is one of my favorite things and passions. Creating different characters with makeup is an experience that is thrilling and exciting for me.
At the End of the day the most important thing about makeup is that without makeup you are beautiful. Makeup is meant to enhance your naturally beautiful features for whatever look you are going for!