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Nickole Hidalgo

makeup artist

Nickole Hidalgo

Lake Worth, FL

I am an aspiring make up artist, and also a very creative person. I am inspired by the places, things and people that are around me. I take those things and include them in my make up artistry, making wonderful and unique works of art. Don't get me wrong I can do Natural make up, but high fashion make up is my forte.

As a kid I was always intrigued by make up, most times my mom would catch me playing around with hers. I was always intrigued by the fact that you could totally change the way you looked, whether it be a slight change or a very dramatic change. My mother, sister and cousins were all models, so I was constatly surrounded by all the high fashion stuff, I always went with them to their photoshoots and watched the make up artists put make up on their already beautiful faces, it was the most wonderful experience. Then, at the age of 11, I started experimenting with make up, at first of course doing the simple things like eyeliner and lipgloss, but as I grew older (and given more permission to do so) I was able to use foundations, colorful eyeshadows and mascara. I always made sure that my make-up matched something, whether it be my clothes, shoes or an accessory, I always made it work. During school, special events were my favorite, specially the parts where you had to dress up as someone or something, and also because I got to do all my friends make up as well. After I graduated I realized that I really like doing most of the complex make up, including most of the stuff that You would see on TV, that's when I realized that I had a real talent for it. I joined this school to improve my skills and learn things that normally, I couldn't learn on my own. I believe that we learn each and everyday, making memories and having experiences, these are the elements that I use when it comes to my creativity and make up artistry.


Basic Make up (neutral colors, natural) $25
Bridal/Special event make up (more dramatic style) $35
High fashion/photography make up (depending on the complexity) $40-$55