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Darcy Kappler

home stager , interior redesigner

Darcy Kappler

Westerville, OH

Call me when a first impression means the most!

Hi! My name is Darcy Kappler and I live in Westerville Ohio which is right outside of Columbus Ohio. I’ve been designing my whole life but I really got involved when my husband and I built a home for our family in 2007. I fell in love with picking everything out, putting it all together and picturing it in my head. I decided (with the help of my very supportive husband!) to take this skill and love that I had and to further my education so that I could make my career helping others decorate their homes so that they were able to sell it quickly and move on to their dream!


As the real estate industry has become increasingly sophisticated, the business of making your home ready to be put up for sale has become a business in itself. People in several areas of the country have gone into the business of “staging” homes, arranging them artfully for maximal visual and emotional appeal to buyers.
First impressions are critical, and my business will want to make that first impression a good and lasting impression. Beginning with the outside or “curb appeal” and going throughout every room, we will transform the home into a space that buyers will not forget. Our end goal will be to get you more money for your home and to enable it to be sold in a timely manner.
We will, when at all possible, work with the furnishings that the seller has in their home but we will also start to create an inventory of items that can be rented out at a monthly rate to help subsidize current furnishings. The best features of a house will be emphasized while improving or downplaying the less marketable features.

Our services can include:
• Cranking up the curb appeal
• Adding a fresh coat of paint
• Make any home repairs
• Rearrange
• De-clutter
• Organize
• Clean
• Adding accessories
• Shopping for furniture and accessories
• And many other services

We also offer interior redesign services for the homeowner that wants to make some changes to their home without spending a lot of money. Interior redesign involves many of the same techniques as home staging while focusing on the homeowner, rather then potential buyers.


After Darcy completed the staging of two rooms in my home I wondered where she had been the whole time I had lived there! The flow of the furniture was so much better then I had been living with!

Karen Rankey; Hilliard, Ohio