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Ashly Kohly

color consultant, home stager, interior redesigner

Ashly Kohly

Longwood, FL

We Stage it! You Sell It!
Our trademark is Show Stopping Elegance.

Elegant Home Interiors and Staging Inc. is committed to bringing the finest home decor items to you at an affordable price.

Ashly Kohly first started her career with Real-estate more than Fifteen years ago. From there she realized when you showcase real estate in its best possible light; it sells or rents much faster. It's all about appeal. First you must create clean lines and declutter from there you can create a space that flows with energy and elegance.
Ashly has learned the art of visually coordinating and redesigning a space to give it the overall “wow factor.” Host of Dockside Imports Design TV, Ashly teaches the power of accessorizing and how using certain principles in decorating will give any home the designer’s look and feel that is so sought after.


Ashly Kohly lead stager, of Elegant Home Interiors & Staging focuses on STAGING, VISUAL CORDINATING,HIGH END DECOR and INTERIOR DESIGN.

In this highly competitive housing market it’s important to distinguish yourself from other homes. When you stage a home it gives it a model look and feel, it creates energy and a mood in a space that separates your home from empty vacant listings. You want to make your home a place of invitation, a place that has the look and feel that allows the buyer to envision themselves living in the space.

Real Estate Staging is the process of visually preparing your home to appeal to the broadest possible segment of the buyer population. As seen on several of HGTV shows staging is when the seller hires a professional to elegantly furnish a vacant home or help the owner space plan by decluttering and depersonalizing, both to enhance the value of the home.
Ashly gives a potential client a complimentary consultation which includes an informational DVD on how to create the best space possible. Ashly is pleased to work with real estate professionals and caters to the exclusive upscale communities of Orange and Seminole county.
Appointments can be made through your local real estate agent or by phoning 407-808-8649.


Top realtor Sue Silverbush says, “it’s a fact that an elegantly decorated home by a staging professional is by far more appealing than a home that has not been staged. And after working with Ashly who did an amazing job! I feel a staged home will help it sell much faster than a home that is not.”

Top Realtor Realty Executives, Sue Silverbush

Buyers of an exclusive sale: We previewed this house empty and it was hard to imagine us here and we thought we would look at it one more time but now it looked like something out of parade of homes, and we had to have it!”


Sally, Sterling Sotheby’s, “the day after Ashly staged the home- it sold! And then the buyers wanted most of the transitional pieces to stay.

Sally with Sterling Sotheby's