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Suzanne Bouchard

home stager , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Suzanne Bouchard

Haliburton, ON

It's All Good Staging and Redecorating Services

My name is Suzanne Bouchard, I’m French Canadian, and I’ve always been creative! My background is Women’s Fashion and Esthetics so it was a natural marriage from helping customers with their personal grooming to helping customers with home grooming.
It’s All Good Home Staging and Redecorating offers professional services to prepare your home to sell quickly! My skill is to take your existing furniture, move things around and give your home a breath of fresh air!
Sometimes de-cluttering rooms, adding fresh paint to the walls, bringing in small treasures to enhance the look draws buyers in with a smile.

It’s All Good also offers Redecorating services to give your existing style a modern touch! I believe in taking what you have and offering you new creative ideas to help enjoy your home all over again!

Clutter causes stress and we know what unwanted stress can do. It’s All Good offers organizing and de-cluttering services.
One of Suzanne’s specialties given her background is helping you de-clutter your clothing closets!

It’s all Good wants you to enjoy whether your staging your home to sell or wanting to redecorate your existing home or organizing your home to be stress free. My Main Goal always is selling your home for Top Dollar. Let us help you! Merci


It's All Good Staging and Redecorating Services:

- Staging your home for quick sell.Let us make your home stand out from the rest.

- Redecorating your existing home to give it a breathe of fresh air!

- Home organizing and de-cluttering to allow more good energy to enter your home. Let us help you lessen your "stuff"

- Wardrobe de-cluttering, enjoy Suzanne's fashion tips! Only keep what fits and makes you look current and chic!


Thanks for Staging my place don't know what I would have done without your help and all your extra advice! My house sold quickly which made our life easier and they loved how our furniture looked and wanted to buy most of it! Without your help it would have been harder to sell. Thanks for everything. I will certainly tell my friends about you!


Suzanne You are a Star and am so happy with all your help and advice with my wardrobe! I was so confused with my clothing and you came in helped me put all my outfits together, get rid of anything outdated and restructure my look! Thank you for taking pictures of pieces of my clothing you matched up and had me try them on! Now I can rely on these pictures to help me stay updated and stress free every morning. I've taken your advice and purchased new articles you suggested I needed to give a boost to my existing wardrobe! Am feeling so much better about looking for something to wear for different events! Thank you for decluttering my closet and helping find new treasures I couldn't see in my own closet! What a relief, all women need to do this! You are a fashion genius!