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Lora Gutierrez

home stager , interior redesigner

Lora Gutierrez

St Catharines, ON

Designs that help you show and sell!

'InnerSpace Staging' will prepare and provide the finest quality of service to residential or commercial properties on the real estate market by consulting and offering full staging/redesigning services which are in need of a facelift so that they could be sold at a much faster pace and at a price that is close to or greater to the asking price than a property that isn't staged.

Extended Bio

As the founder of 'InnerSpace Staging', Lora Gutierrez has received training and schooling from Sheridan College, The Academy of Design in Toronto and most importantly from 'Qualty of Course' Staging and Redesigning Diploma. Lora also has had experience in working with DeFilippis Designs, and Forrec Ltd which is a Canadian-based company specializing in the design of leisure, recreational and entertainment facilities, themed attractions and urban environments such as Legoland Deutschland.


How can staging help your home sell FASTER and for MORE MONEY?

Careful placement of furniture and objects can enhance the features of your house, so the Buyer remembers your HOUSE instead of your THINGS. Removing distractions can help your Buyer visualize themselves in the space. Showing the Buyer "more space" can translate into "more value". (This will get you closer to your asking price!)
Statistically, a staged home sells in less than 50% the average days on market and up to 20% closer to listing price than a non-staged home.

'InnerSpace Staging' service and marketing driven approach positions properties more favorably than others available at the same time. Such include remarkable properties; historic homes, city lofts, beachfront residences, equestrian estates, multi-family investments, and commercial real estate such as restaurant interiors or retailed store interiors.

Typical staging services in the area include staging new construction, vacant properties, currently owned properties, condominium projects and commercial interiors.

Real Estate Professionals

Nationwide, staging a home before selling is quickly becoming the industry standard in a highly competitive real estate market, and most successful realtors are using a home staging "consultation" as a basic offering to their Sellers.
This offering typically does the following,

-Helps secure the listing during your actual presentation by offering the client an "out of the box" service that will help sell the home faster and for more money.

-Helps secure your client's understanding of the connection between the listing
price and the readiness of their home before market time.

-Gives you the advantage of having a third party critique the home's condition, keeping your relationship with the Seller in good standing.

-Aides in your marketing of the home by enabling you to better present the home to the marketplace- which statistically will sell for more money and in less than half the average time than a non-staged home.


There's an art to staging and it's more than a checklist. Once the stage is all prepared, it's time to rearrange and highlight the room's best features. When we're done, the curtain goes up and the OOH'S and AHH'S begin!