Claire Cruickshank

color consultant , home stager , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Claire Cruickshank
Edison, NJ

"Beautifully designed living spaces."

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Decorating in London presents challenges less common in North America. Claire was able to make a smallish living space with a low ceiling seem bright and airy while maintaining the character that I wanted. My preference for large wooden pieces and big furniture was accommodated and softened through the use of beautifuly chosen accessories. She used a lovely throw bringing together the sofas and the cabinets along with vases and pots with shrubberies giving the space a feeling of tranquillity and nature despite it’s location at frenetic Oxford Circus. Finally, some interesting nick nacks with an international flavour draw attention to a fireplace which highlights one of the few historical remnants of the renovated flat. I was fortunate that Claire was able to work with difficult pieces that were special to me, yet still manage to make a tight space seem comfortable, roomy and functional. The soft colours and muted patterns provide the understated tone and project the calm atmosphere I sought as a place to relax away from the crowded City.

Peter K. W.

The space constraint is acute in English washrooms. Living in Central London means small spaces are unavoidable. At first glance the muted hand and face towels compliment the sandstone tiling. More dramatically, the brand name toiletries provided a sense of luxury to compensate for the small square footage while decorating a practical ledge. The candle in the washroom was a new idea to me, but it gives what is an effectively a functional space a feeling of calm and dignity.

Peter K. W.