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Kamarah Dailey

makeup artist

Kamarah Dailey

Hamilton, ON

~Complementing Your Beauty~

My name is Kamarah and I am a MUA. I like to think that applying makeup is an art. Makeup is what I love to do...I wake up and think of makeup and I like to go to bed thinking about different makeup looks I can create the next day. I am in favour of night time makeup but love the elegance of day time makeup.

I plan to open up my own studio in the near future. I eventually want to branch out in the Health and Beauty and add Hair Stylists and Estheticians.


Regular Makeup Application (Excluding Bridal)
With own makeup (foundation,mascara, and powder)
False Lashes

Teach you how to apply makeup with your own items
(45 minutes)

Bridal Makeup
Wedding Party

45 minutes per person

Hair Styling
Basic Styling

For pricing information, feel free to contact me via at anytime.


I was so excited for the appointment because I know Kamarah is such a great person and she would make it fun. And it was, I really enjoyed the complete experience. My makeup looked great and I even got a few compliments on it ! I have recommended Kamarah to almost all of my close friends and would recommend her to anybody out there!


At first I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be to get my makeup done or if I would even like it, but I really fell in love with the look Kamarah gave me. I've been trying to recreate it for a while now ! I've almost got it, but not as perfect as she did ! I really loved the experience overall and would love to have my makeup done again by Kamarah.