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Sandi Stewart

home stager, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Sandi Stewart

Napa, CA


Simplify your space…

Facing greater demands with less time on our hands, we find ourselves struggling to manage our days. Clutter and chaos have taken over. The piles get higher, clutter becomes unmanageable, closets start closing in, and your home is no longer a place you want to be. I understand the challenges of running a household, and a business. It doesn't take long for a home to spin out of control. Being arn organized individual allows you to gain control of your life, and reduce stress. However, not everyone has the time, desire, or knowledge to achieve this.


As a Professional Organizer and Redesigner I can assist you in bringing order, and balance into your home. Together we will find the Solutions to meet your individual needs.



Professional Services Offered:

Home Organization
- This can include any room or space within a room needing attention. Possibly it’s a closet needing a makeover, or a home office that has turned upside down. Is your garage a place you no longer can store a car? Are you buried beneath clutter and don’t know where to begin. These are only a few examples of where we can start.

- Do you have a need for a playroom, or a sewing room, separation of space? These are all examples of Redesign. Taking existing space and changing it to meet your needs. Maybe you are tired of everything! Nothing looks or feels good anymore. We can transform your space to feel new and different by spending little and sometimes no money!

Transitional Services
- Transition is something we all will go through at some point in our lives. And, it can be some of the most stressful times. Possibly you need to downsize and don’t know where to begin. You find yourself sitting in a room thinking, impossible. It’s not impossible you just need some guidance.

- Along with this goes packing and unpacking. In general people do not enjoy this task. Guess what I love it! Allow me to help you with these tasks that will free you and your family to do other things.

- And last, preparing your home to sell, by attaining the highest value possible. I firmly believe preparing your home prior to putting it on the market will save you time and money. Together we will do a home evaluation, and I will provide you with a detailed summary of recommendations.

- Initial 1 hr consultation at no chg to client.