Testimonials for Angela Broussard

Wow, what a transformation. She came to my home and I let her loose. She arranged my living room and kitchen in a way that I never thought possible and made it so beautiful and cozy I could hardly wait to tell everyone. I had a pokeno party that very next night and my girlfriends were amazed at the change. I gave her two more jobs right away. Then about one month later my Father passed away and I needed to make some quick changes to my Mother's home so I called her again and there she was. Within a few short hours she arranged the entire living room and part of the kitchen and made the room look entirely refreshing and comfortable and my Mom absolutely loved it. I had no idea that one person could make such a difference with just a few hours of using her God given talent of decorating.

Marlene LaFleur and Rose LaFleur

My son moved out of his 2 bedroom college rent house into a one bedroom apartment after graduation. It is much smaller and his furniture was so clutter there was no enjoyment to him in living there, only lots of clutter. Then I called Angela Broussard and set up an appointment. Within a few hours she turned this over stuffed bachelor pad into a very pleasant & attractive home. My son loves his home make over and enjoys going home to it everyday & having friends over. Angela your vision is amazing. You did a excellent job.

Angela Bascle

I am recently divorced and have just bought a house of my own. I haven't had much time or energy to spend on my house and it showed. Angela came in and did some rearranging and accessorizing and made my house a home. I can't believe the transformation! She was very easy to work with and open to my own ideas. It couldn't have been easier or more fun. I'd recommennd Angela Broussard to anyone who needs help with decorating or who is just ready for a fresh new look. Great job.

Shannon Fontenot

My house was very dark and depressing with no color. Angela came in with her great ideas, charm, color and paint. I feel Angela was very devoted to the task of redesigning my home. I felt she had very good ideas for colors and decor. I would recomend her to anyone. Thanks Angela for turning my house into a home, I am very satisfied. I will be forever greatful to you.

Sandra Smith

After going into Angela's home and seeing how beautifully decorated it was, I knew then I wanted her to come redecorate my home. I was tired of the dark colors and wanted a fresh look in my kitchen, dining area and living room. Well, I got it! It turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined! I love it! Everyone that comes over says it looks like a picture out of a magazine. I have since then asked her to come back and freshen up the rest of my home. I can't wait!

Connie Gremillion