Lindsey Mccord

home stager , interior redesigner

Lindsey Mccord
Juliette, GA

Give your home the best ADVANTAGE!!

Interior Advantage creates beautiful spaces that people want to live in. Take advantage of your existing furnishings and let them work for you. Wether you are selling your home or just want a fresh new look in your own home I have the solutions that will give your home the WOW factor it deserves.

ABOUT HOME STAGING Most home buyers can't vizualize themselves in someone ele's home. Staging helps them see the homes potential and reveals an enviroment that appeals to the most buyers. The process involves de-personalizing, de-cluttering and re-arranging furnishings to create an enviroment that showcases the homes assets.

ABOUT INTERIOR REDESIGN You don't have to start from scrath to create the look you want in your home, just transform what you already have! Interior redesign is staging for living also called "one day decorating." I'll take your existing furnishings and give them a fresh new look that fits your lifestyle.You'll have an exciting new look for your home for a fraction of designer costs.

I am a certified professional home stager and redesigner. I have always loved interior design and enjoy the challenge of transforming rooms from ordinary to extrodinary. No project is too big or small! I am comitted to bringing your house to its best potential and offer a variety of services to fit your needs. Interior advantage can do as little or as much as you like. Give your home a great advantage in todays real estate market!


HOME STAGING CONSULTATION: Perfect for the "do it yourselfer". This is a walk through process that begins at the mailbox and goes through the entire home. You'll recieve a detailed report that goes over every aspect of the exterior and interior of your home. It lets you know all the things that need to be done to maximize your home's potential.

FULL SERVICE STAGING: Interior Advantage will take care of the staging process from start to finish. From the consultation to the first open house. First the house will be examined for any repairs or improvments that are needed, contract or trades people will be provided if needed. I will then organize and declutter. Next the decor and style will be redone by placing furnishings in a way that shows proper balance, flow and scale and making sure the overall presentation of the home appeals to the most buyers and brings out the homes best features. (Vacant or sparse homes will be furnished.) Then I will purchase any accessories or furnishings the home needs to finish off the look. Finishing touches for showings will also be added such as scents,lighting or music. Leaving you with a home that has a great advantage in today's real estate market.

INTERIOR REDESIGN MAKEOVERS: Also known as "one day decorating", this service updates your furnishings in a fresh new way. I take what you already have and cherish and re-arrange it to give you the look you've always wanted for alot less than designer cost.

PERSONAL SHOPPING: With today's busy lifestyles you might not have time to shop around for those perfect peices that complete a room. Interior Advantage can assist you by shopping for you. I'll find those special accessories or furnishings that make your home unique and you only keep what you love!!

ACCESSORIZING: Let Interior Advantage make the most of your accessories by grouping, hanging and setting up accessories in a unique way that makes them stand out. Get the designer look you want!!

STAGING THE NEW HOME: After moving day is over its time to decorate your new space. Let Interior Advantage make your new house a home that you'll love from the start.

BLENDING SPACES: Creating an enviroment that makes both sexes happy with their space by combining furnishings that may have or want.