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Donna Samson

interior decorator

Donna Samson

White Rock, BC

Everyone Deserves a Place They Can Call Home Sweet Home ........... Let Us Help You Create Yours!

Hi, my name is Donna and I have a natural approach to design - helping you determine what makes you feel good and helping you achieve it! At Design You we believe everyone deserves a home that inspires them. We all need a sanctuary from our hectic lives, a place to step back, relax, and contemplate the day that has passed - and a place that brings inspiration for our tomorrow. When we achieve balance and order in our home, we bring it to our lives and this can be done in part through design. And at a cost that suits your budget!

Design has always been a passion of mine that was expressed in my own personal home. After continual encouragement and support from others on my "natural talent", a personal goal was achieved in completion of my formal training at Sheffield School of Design. And now I wish to share this talent with others to help them find their style and make their house a home.


Through our in-home consultation (available at a nominal fee which can then be applied towards a signed contract), we will create an assessment of what your home needs and a plan to achieving that goal. At that time we will help to establish your color preferences and preferred decor style. We can also establish a budget that works for you through determining your level of quality. At Design You we believe design is not about how much money one spends, but what we are able to achieve with what we have to work with.

We can through design show you how much more fulfilling your home can be for you and your family. Rather than dreaming of what could be in your next home, we can more efficiently help you to be happy in the place you call home now by creating a space that works in harmony with you.