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Cindy Schrom

Cindy Schrom

Portland, TX

Interior decorating, Staging, Redesign

My name is Cindy Schrom and I am a professional interior decorator and home stager. My job is to walk through a client’s home and make suggestions that will transform spaces by applying design principles using existing and new furnishings in the home. At times a redesign is necessary, which is simply a budget-conscious approach that breathes new life into any space. Both can produce stunning results.

I have taken classes in design here and there for over 20 years. I have always helped people design rooms and even owned my own home décor business in El Paso, Texas. I am certified in interior design, staging, and redesign. I am working at Chic to Chic in downtown Corpus Christi, TX. Come by and visit me for your interior decorating needs.


INTERIOR DECORATING - Allow me into your home to take pictures, measure, and talk to you about your decorating needs. I will make a plan for your space and your budget.

STAGING - My services include enticing potential buyers by highlighting a home’s best features and making it feel spacious, warm and inviting-inside and out. I do a slow walk-through of the home and take copious notes. This will take me approximately two hours for an average sized home. After the walk-through, I sit and discuss the changes I would suggest with the realtor or homeowner, or both! From there:
*Homeowners can decide to complete some or all
of the suggestions given to them on their own.
*Homeowners can continue my services to help
them redesign, select colors, accessories, or
whatever is needed to complete the project.


Cindy has a wonderful eye for design. It didn't take long for her to immediately see some problem areas in my home. She worked on the dining room shelves that were filled with books and replaced them with china and pottery in a very attractive manner, much more appropriate for a dining room. She also uncluttered glass shelves in our living room. They now look much better and double as a nice wine area. She then rearranged our den to look so much more inviting. She gave me lots of other great tips for the rest of the house too. In a short amount of time, Cindy made a big difference.

Susan Frondorf, Homeowner

Wow, Cindy selected new colors for our home and it looks fabulous! She also has an eye for where to place furniture so that the room has a nice flow.

Susan Rodriguez/Homeowner

Cindy helped to give a shop-worn listing new life. Instead of reducing the listing price of the house again, I suggested home staging to my seller-clients. Cindy made suggestions of a few items to buy and remove, re-arranged furniture, and made use of the owner's existing art and accessories. She gave clear instructions on how the closets, pantry and garage should look. The owners were receptive to Cindy's concise directions and seemed excited to have their home transformed. We had a sucessful open house and are hoping for an offer soon. I will recommend CStaging again! Janet Hooper Coldwell Banker Pacesetter Steel Realtors (361)813-6410 JanetHooperHomes.com

Janet Hooper/Realtor

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