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Monica Flores

interior decorator

Monica Flores

Murrieta, CA

At Monica Flores Interior Design we believe that every home should reflect the owner’s personality and we would like to work with you and

At our Studio we bring design principles to the table: balance, proportion, scale, rhythm, emphasis, unity, harmony and variety. We work with our clients. We do not impose our ideas upon them. We know the importance of listening to the client’s needs, and wishes. It is our goal to capture your dreams and execute it. You will share ideas and the designer will contribute insight and advice based on knowledge and experience.

As your Interior Designers we will communicate concepts and help you understand the design process and to visualize the finished project. We carry out your whishes with a proper “design eye”.

We are passionate about our work, and put our heart and soul into every design project, whether it is a single-room makeover, whole floor remodel, additions, restorations or, the adaptive reuse of existing client’s long-treasured cherished pieces to their best design potential.


A professional designer assesses your needs and helps you determine where to spend and where to save, prioritizing expenses while creating an interior that is within your budget.

A very important element for us is to work within each client’s budget; therefore, we will be glad to offer you an initial complementary consultation which will lay out the groundwork for the project. We will discuss what you want to achieve, the scope of the project, your budget, as well our flexible fee options. There are so many selections available in a range of prices that homeowners can nearly always achieve their special look within their price range.