Linda Melnyk

interior decorator

Linda Melnyk
Honolulu, HI

Love what you do, be who you are. Your Home is where your story begins.

Life isn't about finding yourself it's about creating yourself since the creating process is constantly changes so should you. Learn to adapt and become comfortable with it. Ask yourself, is it you and your style you live with or someones elses?

Your home should be a place that you have a hard time leaving and can't wait to get back to, let me show you how easy it can be to create that place.

Time for round two! I've been a CPA and business owner for over 30 years. Like a lot of women my age I have worked in a field that I wasn't crazy about however was very good at. I semi-retired 4 years ago and found myself looking for things to do.

A lot of us women have become so multi-tasking that having many different interests and projects is just become a way of life. I did find that the one interest closest to my heart wasn’t going to be hard to pin down. I like helping people defined their spaces, so Interior Design is going to be round two for me.

Through the years I've been told many times that I have a natural talent for color and design and that I missed my true calling. It’s funny how people tell you things that you’re not ready to listen to. However I have noticed that when I go shopping it seem like I'm always being asked for my opinions and or advice, which has leaded me to where I am now.

I love design, sometimes choosing a color or theme is hard for me because I love them all. Lights, Darks, Pastels and Neutrals. If people would just realize that there are so many different shades of White much less all the other shades and hues of every color. It could drive one crazy, but you would have so much fun along the way. Being passionate about life leads to being passionate about design and color.

The first thing I want for my clients is to enjoy the process and not become overwhelmed. To smile and laugh and feel good about their project. I feel that if you really enjoy what you’re doing it shows in the work and along the way it inspires you to continue on to another project.

Don’t be mislead by my statement; there is a lot of hard work that goes into every project. Believe me I have hands on knowledge. I have just finished a complete remodel of my kitchen and baths actually the whole house had several items done to it. From removing popcorn from ceilings to adding crown molding and hardwood & marble flooring. Getting sub-contactors to understand Design elements. Learning that as hard as you try to make something perfect it doesn’t always end up that way. And last but not least putting your head down on the pillow and realizing that you’re dead tired and you’re doing this for the next 6 months. Keeping a sense of humor is key. Loving your project when it’s done priceless.


Personal Touch Interior Design, Re-design and organization of existing homes with new design elements,

House Staging for Home Sales.

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